Capital softeners an independent family run business, we have been supplying, installing & servicing all major brands of water softeners and water filtration systems for domestic and commercial use for over 30 years.

Benefits of softened water

Imagine how different your life would be if you no longer had to worry about the problems caused by hard water. Hard water impacts everything it touches.

Softened water makes a huge difference, removing the calcium and magnesium that are the prime causes of lime scale build up. This means less time cleaning. After Showering or bathing your skin will feel clean and moisturised instead of dry and itchy.

Drinking Water Systems

Whilst water companies are doing their best to treat domestic supplies they do not always provide drinking water, which meets the highest standards of quality.

Reverse Osmosis is a highly effective process that provides a constant supply of the highest quality drinking water filters effectively remove chlorine, sediments and organic pollutants leaving high quality drinking water.